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Fastener Importing Services

Factory Direct & OEM Specialty Fasteners

Importing Fasteners Since 1992

Offshore Milling & Sourcing has over 25 years of experience in importing threaded fasteners and OEM parts directly from factories in Asia. If you want to buy factory direct, but that’s not your core business, you need Offshore Milling & Sourcing. We are experienced fastener importers with established, long-term relationships with our suppliers. Offshore Milling’s expertise ensures you get the best product for the best price, straight to your door, direct from the factory overseas.

Pinion Bevel Gear
Long Stainless Double End Stud

Custom Sourcing & Factory Direct Services

Offshore Milling takes the worry out of every order by guaranteeing that it will be made to specification. We take care of all the details:

OEM Parts & Products

Offshore Milling focuses on specials made-to-print but also imports standard items. To win lower prices on stainless, steel screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners, stamped products, and OEM parts, we leverage economies of scale. Our goal is to save you money on the parts you need, while making it seem easy. Offshore Milling is your direct buying path to international parts production; we handle the complicated importing process so that you don’t have to!

Stainless Cradle Head Bolt
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