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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Offshore Milling & Sourcing

1. Is my order large enough for you to import?

On specialty items, it is possible to be competitive shipping a few boxes of very specialized product or several pallets.  It is really hard to make rules on this.  The more difficult and complex an item, the more likely we can be competitive on very small volumes.  It is best to run it past us for an opinion.  We do not charge for quoting, and if we don’t think we will be competitive, or if we cannot get a factory interested in making a quote we will let you know.


2. How long does it take to receive my order?

The normal lead time for an imported order is 90-120 days, delivered to your door.  However, with machined products, it can be a shorter time at 60-90 days.  It takes 30-40 days for the ocean shipping.  Combine that with all the production steps and it is hard to shorten it much further.  In extreme cases, we can make air freight shipments to save the 30-40 days.


3. What materials does Offshore Milling use to create their products?

We provide products make with: steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, copper,  aluminum, and silicon bronze. 


4. Can I get the same quality as domestic products?

You have probably already come to realize the cost savings offered by globally sourcing materials and components, but concerns about quality have made you hesitant. We have developed an effective quality assurance program to ensure product quality and durability. Onsite manufacturer visits, comprehensive testing and our prototype approval process allows you to set the high standards which you expect.  Our suppliers are ISO, QS or TS certified with the ability to provide PPAP’s, MTR’s, etc.  We will handle making sure you get the parts you are expecting.


5. Do I have to order a full container?

You DO NOT have to order a full container and please DO NOT assume that your quantity is too small. We work with many companies that order smaller quantities, while still taking advantage of the benefits of global sourcing. You can also take advantage of our shipping options, where you have the ability to order for the entire year and we will blanket release the products as you need them.


6. Do I need to worry about customs?

Offshore Milling will handle all of the logistics and customs services required to deliver the products from the factory to your door. 

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