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Offshore Milling Services
8968 SW Joe Court
Tigard, Oregon 97223

Mary Inman, Director of Sales
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Products & Services

Our Skills

Whatever nut, bolt, screw, or fastener you need, Offshore Milling can help you find it at the lowest cost and highest quality.  We offer extensive factory import services.  To preserve a competitive edge, we work with dozens of factories in Taiwan and China with whom we have established relations. If you need a made-to-order part according to OEM specifications/print, we can do that too.

Delivery: Standard delivery is about 120 days. Some stainless fasteners and other items can ship from inventory and will arrive in about 40 days.

Our Product Line

  • IFI Standard fasteners, hex bolts, screws, and cold-headed steel parts;
  • Specialty sheet metal screws, thread cutting screws, machine screws, wood screws, and more;
  • Fasteners made of all grades of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass;
  • Carriage bolts, deck screws, shoulder bolts
  • OEM screws, bulk nuts, and specialty fasteners;
  • All stainless steel and brass fasteners, bolts and nuts
  • Special plating, such as JS500, Xylan, Dacromet, Rohs Compliant.
  • YUS 550 stainless steel screws

Our Specialty Products

  • Stainless Fasteners
  • DIN, JIS, Metric Fasteners
  • Eye Bolts & Aluminum Bolts
  • Stamped Parts
  • Bushing Parts
  • Pins
  • Rivets
  • Specialty fasteners
  • Sems Screws & Parts
  • Left hand bolts, metric bolts, stainless steel bolts, eye bolts
  • Weld Nuts, T-Nuts, Lock Nuts
  • Conical Washer Nuts
  • Tamper-proof Screws
  • Screw-Machine Parts
  • Secondary Operation Parts
  • Robotic Welded Parts