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About Us

Who is Offshore Milling & Sourcing?

Companies choose Offshore Milling because we help them maintain their competitive edge. Our efficient sources, attractive pricing, high quality standards, and excellent customer service distinguish us from other fastener importing companies. Offshore Milling takes on the job of importing from overseas, so that you don’t have to spend time sourcing factories and risking your money with a factory you don’t know.

Stainless Double End Stud

Core Competencies

Offshore Milling has over 25 years experience importing nuts, bolts, fasteners, and made-to-order parts in stainless, steel, brass and aluminum.  Because we represent a wide number of factories and have created long-term relationships with our suppliers, we can offer a broad range of parts at very competitive prices.  We can combine your wide variety of items together into one delivery.

Offshore Milling’s manufacturing partners in Taiwan and China can meet quality standards for PPAP, ISO 9001:2008, or QS9000. We offer 50ppm optical sorting, laser sorting, roller sorting, and hand sorting.  We guarantee that your order will be produced as quickly as possible and to specification.

Offshore Milling saves you time and money, so that you can focus on what you do best.  We handle the hard parts of ordering factory direct. Our low prices, wide product range, and exceptional customer service will help sharpen your competitive edge. Give us a try on your next purchase, large or small—you won’t be disappointed.

Our dedicated customer service begins from the moment we first make contact. Whether you are a new or returning customer, your experience with us will be positive. 

As a service company, we keep our operating costs low and pass the savings on to you with reasonably priced products of exceptional quality. Our decades of experience in specifying and importing special threaded fasteners and other products will make your job more manageable. So let us tackle your next import order and see how we make importation look easy. 


Meet Our Team

Mary Inman - CEO and Sales Representative

Mary Inman has over 25 years of experience in international business. She has a degree in Marketing and International Business as well as many years of experience working and living in Asia.  In 1985, she lived in Taiwan and worked for a Taiwanese company.  She then moved on to work with Nike International and others, where she continued to expand her Asian connections and global business experience. During that time she was importing and exporting shoes, wood, and nails.  In 1989, she began importing fasteners.  In 1992, she started Offshore Milling Services, Inc, and a focus strictly on fasteners.
Dave Inman - Technical Support

Dave Inman handles all the technology requirements of the business.  He develops and programs custom tools.  This includes a unique Quote Tool that precisely calculates all fixed and variable costs associated with each item in a quote to you.  These tools keep Offshore Milling on the cutting edge of importing.

Shipping Team

The Shipment Team does order tracking and customer communications.  They follow each order carefully from the time it is issued until it is confirmed and delivered to you.

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