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Offshore Milling Services
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Mary Inman, Director of Sales
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Our Team

Dedicated to Customer Service

Our loyal customers love our low prices and high quality, but they keep coming back to Offshore Milling for our exceptional customer service.  We love what we do, and it shows.  Here are a few of the top-shelf services we offer:

  • Going to the right factory, so you can win new orders;
  • Providing product samples prior to production, as needed;
  • Managing all shipment import details, including U.S. Customs and Tariffs;
  • Options for split shipments and blanket orders;
  • Special packaging options, such as small cartons, 5-lb boxes, or poly bags;
  • Optical, laser, rolling, and hand sorting

Mary Inman

Mary Inman has over 25 years of experience in international business.  In 1985, she lived in Taiwan and worked for a Taiwanese company.  She then moved on to work with Nike International and others, where she continued to expand her Asian connections and global business experience. During that time she was importing and exporting shoes, wood, and nails.  In 1989, she began importing fasteners.  In 1992, she started Offshore Milling Services, Inc.

Dave Inman

Dave Inman handles all the technology requirements of the office.  He develops and programs custom tools.  This includes a unique Quote Tool that precisely calculates all fixed and variable costs associated with each item in a quote to you.  These tools keep Offshore Milling on the cutting edge of importing from overseas.

Shipment Team

The Shipment Team does order tracking and customer communications.  They follow each order carefully from the time it is issued until it is confirmed as delivered to you.