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Offshore Milling Services: Your Best Fastener Importer

Learn More About Our International Fastener Importing Service

Offshore Milling Services is a fastener importing service that specializes in importing fasteners from foreign manufacturers or suppliers into the US. We help you find the right fasteners for your needs, negotiate pricing and delivery terms with overseas manufacturers, and handle the logistics of importing the products.

Fastener importing services can be beneficial for businesses that require large quantities of fasteners, as we can often negotiate better pricing with overseas suppliers than the businesses would be able to on your own. These services also offer convenience and time-saving benefits, as we handle all aspects of the importing process, including shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to the final destination.

You can be confident when working with Offshore Milling Services, when selecting a fastener importing service, because we have 30+ year of experience in the industry, a strong and positive reputation, and are very successful at providing the specific types of fasteners you need. 

Offshore Milling Services can provide valuable support to you if you require a reliable supply of high-quality fasteners, and need help to streamline the importing process and reduce costs.

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We are a good candidate to supply to you if you expect your order will be a minimum of $5000. We are a wholesale supplier. Please consider this point when sending your RFQ.

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